Citrix for Students

Citrix is a terminal server based technology that allows you to connect from anywhere that has an internet connection and gain access to many of the resources you have available at school, including your network files.

To access Citrix from your home computer:

There are two steps involved, downloading the Citrix client and then connecting to the server.  You only need to download the Citrix client once, but you will need to connect to the server every time you want to use Citrix.

Downloading the Client  (only has to be done once)
1. Click Here to open up the download page in a new window
2. Choose the middle download button, the one for
     XenApp Web Plugin - Version 11.000
3. Download the program to your desktop and run it.  It will not take long to install and there is nothing you need to do to configure it.
4. You will want to reboot your computer when this is done to ensure it installs properly.

Connecting to Citrix

Once you have installed the Citrix client, open up Internet Explorer and head to the link below.

Username: Your School Username
Password: Your School Password
Now that you are logged in, you should get an icon for Citrix Desktop.  Click that and Citrix should open up a session on your machine.  It will have Office 2007 and when you go under "My Computer", you should see your X drive. 

When you are done using Citrix, simply log off like you would at school. 

**Note: If you are having trouble downloading the client in Step 1, make sure you have your pop up blockers turned off.  This can cause the program not to download.

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