1. General Operating Fund Analysis Report for September, 2013 in a PowerPoint presentation format.

  2. Financial reports include a financial analysis report, General Operating Fund Reports, revenue and expenditure analysis report, FINSUM (a financial summary of cash transactions for all funds managed by the district), Approved Funds showing State and federal grants, cash reconciliation, APPSUM (an appropriation summary showing the expenditures, encumbrances and balances for each of the funds), and a check register showing checks issued for the month in excess of $10,000.

  3. What’s Included in the Financial Forecast PowerPoint presentation shows the reader what is included in each line item of the district’s Five-Year Financial Forecast.

  4. Five-year Forecast and Notes to the Forecast
    The Five-Year Forecast is the district’s financial planning tool. It includes three years of actual revenue and expenditures for fiscal years 2011, 2012 and 2013. Fiscal year 2014 is the district’s current operating budget. There are four years of projections for fiscal years 2015 to 2018. This forecast is required to be filed prior to October 31, 2013. The Nordonia Hills Board of Education approved this forecast and notes on October 28, 2013. The notes to the forecast provide the reader with an explanation of the assumptions made in the creation of this forecast.
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