English Department Chairperson:Carol Tonsing
English Department Office:  330-908-6106

English Faculty:

Matt Beery
Shannon Blair
Jacklyn Czekaj
Jessica Goodrich
Ray Killian
Janet Mankamyer
Erin Miller
Missy Newcomer
Molly Sawyer
Lynn Smith
Cyndi Spellman
Endre Szentkiralyi
Carol Tonsing

English Department -- Curriculum

The Nordonia High School English Department offers a variety of levels of courses of English at grades 9-12.  Placement in the various sequence is dependent upon individual abilities, and achievement.  English is required for all four years; the prerequisite for a gade level course is the successful completion of the appropriate previous grade level course.  Several elective courses are available to serve as foundation courses for future major fields of study or in developing individual expression.

**Four (4) credits of English are required.  A student must be    enrolled in a one-year, full-credit English course each year 9-12.

**Classes may require that certain formal papers and projects by typewritten/keyed.

**As technology becomes available, classes may require technology-based projects. 

**All full-credit course placements are contingent upon teacher recommendations.

**Students will be required to complete independent summer reading in each of the full-credit English classes.

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