Nordonia Statement on Extreme Heat and School Closings

Student and staff safety is the Nordonia Schools’ highest priority.

As you know, Ohio weather can vary from extreme cold to extreme heat, with everything in between. It seems like it never fails to get incredibly hot right after school starts in the fall, and right before school ends in the spring. Frequently parents reach out to me to ask what the district’s policy is regarding extreme heat, and at what point do we consider closing the district for extreme heat.

When it comes to extreme temperatures, both for cold and heat, we rely on the guidance of the National Weather Service.

 NWS Heat Index Chart

When the Heat Index falls into the Dangerous category (the orange on the chart), we would consider closing school. When the Heat Index is in Caution (tan) or Extreme Caution (Yellow) category, schools will be open. On days like these, students are encouraged to dress for hot weather and to bring water bottles. Teachers and principals are directed to give students frequent water breaks, to take them to air-conditioned parts of the building for respite, and not to expose students to physical activity.

In Nordonia, the high school, middle school and Rushwood Elementary are completely air conditioned. Ledgeview, Northfield and Lee Eaton have partial air-conditioning. We empathize with staff and students in those buildings not fully air-conditioned. Student and staff safety is the Nordonia Schools’ highest priority. School will go on when temperatures are uncomfortable, but not when temperatures become unsafe. Parents know their children best. If parents are concerned for their children's safety at school or activities, we respect their right to keep them home.

It looks like the weather will turn cooler later this week. Before we know it winter will be here, and we will have this discussion again regarding extreme cold. In the meantime, thanks for your continued support of the Nordonia Schools, and Go Knights!

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