School Closing Information

We closely monitor the weather forecast for snow and extremely cold temperatures throughout the winter months. The website I trust most for weather information is the decision to close school is made, the information will appear first on my Twitter feed. You can follow me at @DrJoeClark. In addition, parents will receive a phone call, and the information will be posted on our website and all major local news stations. Whenever possible, the decision to close school will be made the previous evening. However, closings may be announced as late as 6 a.m. depending on a variety of factors.

There is not a specific temperature policy for the schools, but we use the National Weather Service Windchill Chart as a guide, based on their methodology found here. In addition, we closely monitor road conditions and the ability of our buses to run on time. We will most likely have school if the temperatures remain in the lightest blue color on the chart and the buses are running on time. However, it is not uncommon for us to close when the windchill is -15 or colder for a sustained period of time. We make decisions that are in the best interest of our students with safety as our number one priority.

Parents know their children best. If parents are concerned for their children's safety getting to and from school or activities, we respect their right to keep them home.

When the Nordonia Schools are closed for weather, all evening activities in the elementary and middle school buildings are cancelled. High school activities may take place depending on the weather throughout the day. In addition, pre-school and Champions are cancelled and transportation to CVCC is not provided on "snow days." Community groups scheduled to use school facilities on "snow days" (e.g., youth athletic leagues, Scouts, etc.) will have their events cancelled.

Please know that while I appreciate good-natured tweets from students begging me for a day off, they play absolutely no factor in my decision making process. Also, Twitter posts from local weathermen making predictions about the chances of having a snow day are made to increase their social media traffic and have no credibility.

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