Nordonia BOE Invoices State of Ohio $3,793,901.47

At its meeting held on Monday, August 22, 2016, the Nordonia Hills City School District Board of Education unanimously authorized Treasurer/CFO Karen Obratil to send the State of Ohio an invoice seeking reimbursement for Community School Tuition deductions taken from our district’s annual funding for Fiscal Years 2002 – 2016.

Since 2002, the Nordonia Schools have lost $3,793,901.47 in funding that should have supported students attending our schools. The charter schools these funds have been diverted to are, in large part, failing as measured by the Department’s own accountability measures. Especially troubling to our leadership team is the fact that funds are taken from the coffers of traditional public school districts statewide without the approval of the taxpayers in those districts.

The Nordonia Hills City School District receives approximately $1,264 per pupil in state aid. Yet, an average of just over $6,925 is deducted from our state aid for each student who leaves our district to attend a charter school. In essence then, for every student who leaves Nordonia to attend a charter school in our state, there are five resident Nordonia students for whom we receive no state funding. Nordonia currently has 49 students attending Ohio charter schools.

The loss of revenue created by these community school deductions makes it difficult for our Board to sustain high-quality educational programming for the students who attend our schools. As such, we will continue to work with our elected representatives to advocate for a separate funding mechanism for Ohio’s Community Schools and urge officials of the Department of Education and members of the State Board of Education to do the same.

We have no expectation that the invoice will be paid by the State of Ohio; other districts in Ohio have invoiced the State and have not been reimbursed. However, the Nordonia Board of Education and Administration will continue to fight for our students and our community members.

You can learn more about this issue at www.knowyourcharter.comClick the link to see the Nordonia BOE Charter School Resolution.

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