Last Day of School

This is a reminder that the last day of school for students is tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2. In a normal year, I would remind you that tomorrow is an early dismissal, and that school starts again in 78 days. 

But this was no normal year. We have not had students in class since March 12, and at this point we don’t know when we might have them in class again. I will keep you posted on developments as they occur throughout the summer, and I will continue to appear on Facebook Live once or twice per week during the summer.

I do wish you all a safe, relaxing summer break. Kids, make sure you read something every day, play outside every day, and help your parents around the house every day. Put your devices down and use your imagination. Go play in a creek or climb a tree or ride a bike. Play a board game or flashlight tag. Build a fort. Sleep in your backyard and tell scary stories with your friends. Ask your parents to teach you how to play red rover or catch-one-catch-a-bunch or Indian ball or redlight/greenlight. Get sweaty and dirty and skin your knees. I’ll be sitting in my office all summer, and one day you will be too, so have fun being kids. 

Until we meet again, have a great, safe, relaxing summer, and Go Knights!

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