School Reopening Update 8/13/20

We are now less than one month to the start of the 2020-21 school year. We are looking forward to seeing your kids again, and have been working hard to ensure that we provide the best possible education under the given circumstances. I have several items for you today.

1. Many of you are probably aware that Summit County Public Health (SCPH) released a document Monday discussing three possible options for the return to school this fall. One option included all students participating in remote learning for the first nine weeks of school. The Nordonia Hills City School District will not be selecting that option. 

Instead, we are moving forward with our original plan to begin school under a hybrid model. This model was one of the recommendations listed in the SCPH document, and SCPH has expressed support for the model. Under this hybrid model, students will come to school twice a week, and we will continue to emphasize social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing.

2. As I write this, nearly 800 students have enrolled in Option 2, in which they will participate in remote learning for at least the entire first semester (the number changes as new students enroll in the district). We are in the process of selecting the Option 2 teaching staff who will facilitate the program. We have determined that Option 2 teachers will hold virtual office hours daily in the morning, afternoon and evening for parents and students to ask questions and get support. In addition, Option 2 teachers will also hold daily group meetings to coordinate student interaction, cover social/emotional topics, provide intervention for struggling students, and assist the students with more difficult standards.

3. That means that nearly 2,800 students will return to school in-person the week of Labor Day. Under the hybrid model, combined with 800 students staying at home under Option 2, Option 1 students can expect at least six feet of social distancing in classrooms. In most cases it will be greater than six feet. 

4. To help keep Option 1 families organized, attached is a calendar that will show which days each group of students is to attend in person. This calendar will be in effect whenever we are in a hybrid model (that is, whenever students are coming to school two days per week). If we ever get to a five day per week model, students will of course come to school daily.

Nordonia Knight Hybrid Calendar 2020-21.pdf

Thanks for your continued support of the Nordonia Schools, and Go Knights!

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