Administrators' Pay Frozen for Third Consecutive Year

Nordonia Schools Superintendent Joe Clark announced administrator and supervisor salaries will be frozen for the 2012-2013 school year. The freeze will mark the third year in a row that district leaders' salaries have been frozen. The last increase to administrator and supervisor base salary was in August, 2009.

"The November levy passage has stopped the bleeding, but we are not out of the woods yet," Clark said. "We need to continue reducing costs so we can avoid any future cuts to student programs and hopefully start to return some of those programs we’ve cut already."

Administrator and supervisor salaries are determined by a schedule that includes raises for experience, called "steps." District leaders have not received step increases for the past three years either, except for eight of the least senior district leaders receiving one step increase averaging 1.7% in that time. The district will save approximately $8,100 by not granting steps to administrators and supervisors who are due them in 2012-2013.

"We have the most child focused, dedicated administrative team I've ever worked with," Clark said. "They understand that times are tough for the community and are willing to forego raises for another year to help the district get back on its feet."

The district has eliminated four administrative and supervisor positions since 2009, including a transportation supervisor, an assistant principal at Lee Eaton, and the public information officer. In addition, Clark has continued to do the work of the assistant superintendent position since being named superintendent in November, 2011. Administrators and supervisors have been assigned additional duties to absorb the loss of personnel. For example, middle school assistant principal Shon Smith’s time is divided with Lee Eaton to cover the reduced staffing there.

"Everybody is doing more with less," Clark said. "Teachers have larger class sizes. Custodians are responsible for more duties. The pressure on everybody due to the increased work load is tough, but I could not be more proud of how our team has come together and continued to produce great results in spite of the adversity."

The district administrative and supervisory staff has been cut from 22 to 18 employees since 2009.

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