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Reopening Plan Updates 7/31/20

Guidance released regarding staff and students who test positivive for COVID-19

I have received guidance from Summit County Public Health about what our procedures will be if a student or staff member exhibits symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19.


If a student or staff member shows symptoms of COVID-19:

Students and staff who become sick at school or who arrive at school sick will be sent home as soon as possible. We will keep anyone sick separate from well students and staff until the sick person can be sent home. We will not notify families every time a student or staff member goes home ill.


If the suspected sick student or staff member is confirmed to have COVID-19:

We will immediately notify Summit County Public Health. These officials will help us determine a course of action for our schools, including which families to notify.

Summit County Public Health reports in this circumstance that we will likely dismiss students and most staff for 2-5 days. Depending on the building and the confirmed contacts, this dismissal may involve an entire classroom, grade level or building. This initial short-term dismissal allows time for the local health officials to gain a better understanding of the COVID-19 situation impacting the school and for custodial staff to clean and disinfect the affected facilities. We will work with the local health officials to determine appropriate next steps, including whether an extended dismissal duration is needed to stop or slow further spread of COVID-19.

While each case will be evaluated individually, in general a person who tested positive can return to school when all three conditions have been met:

  • Ten days have passed since the date of their symptom onset, and 
  • The person has been 24 hours fever free without the use of fever reducers; and 
  • The person’s other symptoms have improved.

If  the person was asymptomatic, they could return 10 days after the positive test, unless they develop symptoms subsequent to the positive test. In that case, the 10 days would start over from the date of subsequent symptom onset with the other criteria as above. 

Summit County Public Health reminds us all that social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing are the best prevention for COVID-19.

Below are links to some useful information.

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Two additional notes:

  1. If you missed last night’s town hall meeting, it has been converted to a YouTube video, which may be found here: Nordonia Reopening Town Hall Meeting 7/30/20
  2. The Option 2 Parent Resources document has been updated. The document provides resources to help you make your decision about which option you will select for your children.


Thanks for your continued support of the Nordonia Schools, and Go Knights!


Posted Friday, July 31, 2020