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Dr. Joe Clark
We made it! After one of the most difficult school years in history, it looks like things are finally getting back to normal. 
I wish you all a safe, relaxing summer break. Students should read something every day, play outside every day, and help their parents around the house every day. Have them put their devices down and use their imaginations. Suggest they play in a creek or climb a tree or ride a bike. Encourage them to play a board game or flashlight tag. Help them build a fort. Let them sleep in the backyard and tell scary stories with their friends. Teach them how to play red rover or catch-one-catch-a-bunch or red-light green-light. They should get sweaty and dirty and skin their knees. Many of us will be sitting in our offices all summer, and one day your kids will be too. 
Kids will return to school on August 26 or 27. That gives them 90 or 91 days to make some great memories with their friends and families. We will be ready to teach them when they get back. Until then, we want them to have fun being kids. 
Have a great, safe, relaxing summer, and Go Knights!
If you have questions or concerns, you can reach me anytime via email, phone, or follow me on Twitter @JoeSuperintend1

Dr. Joe Clark
What Does a Superintendent Do?
It's been said of a school district's organizational structure that if the school board decides it wants to make a pie, the superintendent decides what type of pie to make, and the staff does the actual baking.  Ultimately, a superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day operations of all of the personnel and facilities in a school district.  

The duties of a superintendent can be categorized under five different areas: 

1. Vision, Continuous Improvement, and Focus of District Work
2. Communication and Collaboration
3. Policies and Governance
4. Instruction
5. Resources

The Department of Education and the State Board of Education have adopted specific roles and responsibilities for superintendents in Ohio. You can find those standards by clicking HERE.

Service History of Nordonia Hills City School District Superintendents

1965-1966      Ralph Gillman
1966-1976      William J. Boliantz
1976-1981      William P. Deighan, Ph.D.
1981-1984      Guy M. Sconzo, Ph.D.
1984-1993      Russell D. Haas
1993-1999      Paul E. Pendleton
1999-2001      Stephen Franko
2001-2003      William C. Zwick
2003-2011      Wayne J. Blankenship
2011-present   Joseph P. Clark, Ph.D.

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