Transportation Information for 22-23 Bus Routes

Bus schedules (stops):
Bus Stop information will be available on the Nordonia website. Please click the Bus Routes link on the left of the Transportation page. You will need your student’s School ID number (no 0’s in front) as the Log-In and their Birthdate (no punctuation, ex. 08192022) as the password to access the E-Link. Click on Student to find their bus information. Bus stop information will go live on August 19th, 2022. Bus routes are identified by numbers. This includes the approximate a.m. pick-up and location and p.m. drop-off time and location. Pick-up and drop-off times may vary at the beginning of the year, as routes need a couple of weeks to become routine. 

Bus stop change request:

Nordonia transports approximately 3500 students and must do it efficiently. Each year Nordonia receives requests to move bus stops for several reasons, e.g., parent/student work schedules, weather, no sidewalks or not shoveled, walking distance too far, and can’t see the stop from their house. While we understand these concerns for parents, we are often unable to be accommodated these requests. 

Bus stops are determined based on considerations of safety, efficiency, and district guidelines that follow the Ohio Revised Code. Please email [email protected] with your request. After review, you will receive an e-mail response regarding the determination of your request. 

Before submitting your email, please note:

  • Bus drivers are not authorized to make any bus stop changes per the Ohio Revised Code
  • Stops remain in their current location during the review process
  • Bus Stop Guidelines posted below:
    1. Pre-K to 6th grade – up to or approximately ¼ mile
    2. 7th – 12th grade – up to or approximately ½ mile
    3. Each student may only have one bus stop location 5 days per week
    4. Bus stop locations utilize cluster corner stops whenever available
    5. Parents are responsible for the safety of their child(ren) at an assigned bus stop 
    6. Bus stop locations may not be and are not required to be in the direct line of sight from your home
  • Stop change requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis
  • Submitting an email does not guarantee approval; drivers can't change unless notified by Administration

Emergency Situations
Emergencies do come up. If a student needs to go to another location, the parent must complete the Emergency One-Day Bus Pass Form available on this webpage and submit it to your student’s principal for approval.

The student must give the approved bus pass to the bus driver when boarding the bus. Students will not be permitted to ride a different bus or get off at a different stop location without an emergency bus pass from the school. These passes are approved on a true emergency basis only, at an existing stop, where there is the capacity to add a student on the needed route.

Before and After School Care:
Commercial state-licensed daycare providers must be within two miles of the elementary school of residence. If your student is scheduled to attend daycare, please complete a Transportation Form.

Approved commercial daycare providers are listed at the bottom of your transportation form by the school building they service.

Private School Transportation
When Nordonia is not in session, shuttles will be provided for private schools to and from NHS. Students must find their own transportation to Nordonia High School and home. Only students who reside within the Nordonia School District are permitted to ride the bus. Buses will not transport students if Nordonia School District has a snow/weather day. Please click the link below for specific details regarding all private school transportation.

Safety Rules – Riding the Bus – Tips for parents:
  • Please sit and face forward. No student is permitted to stand while riding the bus. 
  • Since there may be up to 2 students to a seat, it is crucial to share space but keep your hands to yourself. 
  • Drivers will assign seats. Do not move from your seat unless instructed by the bus driver.
  • Please click the Nordonia Conduct on the Bus link above for a comprehensive behavior guide.

Help us find you: Please display your street number clearly on your mailbox and home. Have all students at their designated bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Wear light clothing or carry a flashlight. This is especially helpful during dark mornings. These tips help us have accurate directions and help the bus driver find stops much more efficiently.

Loading – Entering the Bus:
• Arrive at your designated pick-up location five (5) minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.
• Wait in a safe location off the roadway. Your bus driver will determine this location. (Designated place of safety)
• Wait in a single file line and board the bus in an orderly manner, going immediately to your seat so that the bus is not delayed. 
• You must remain seated and facing forward at all times with the aisle clear while the bus is in motion.
Unloading – Exiting the Bus:
• When arriving at your school, you must remain seated until the driver has instructed you to exit the bus.
• When arriving home, you must stay seated in your seat until the bus arrives at your stop and has come to a complete stop.
• Do not walk up the aisle to the front of the bus while the bus is still moving.
• After exiting the bus, you must go to your designated safe place (determined by the bus driver). 
• Do not stop for the mail, paper, trashcans, etc. You must stay in your designated place of safety until the bus has safely pulled away.
Crossing the Roadway:
When it is necessary to cross the street to get on the bus, you must cross at least 10 feet away from the front of the bus. Always wait for the driver's hand signal to cross, as the driver is in a position to see traffic from both directions. Before entering the roadway, the student(s) should look in both directions to check for any traffic. Remember, if your driver sounds the horn, that means “DANGER.” After you have boarded the bus, go immediately to your seat and remain seated. 

If you are crossing to go home, when the driver gives the hand signal, you will cross to the traffic edge of the bus (center of the road). You must stop and check traffic in both directions on your own. The driver will watch for traffic as well. If the driver sounds the horn, this means “DANGER,” and you need to look around for the danger. If you do not see any danger, look back to the driver for further instructions.

After safely crossing the road, you must go to your designated safe place and wait until the bus has safely pulled away. Again, do not stop for the mail, paper, trash cans, etc.


Conduct on the Bus

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