Transportation Information for the 2018-19 School Year

Transportation Information for the 2018-19 School Year

Help us find you: Please display your house numbers clearly on your mailbox and house. This helps the bus driver find stops much more efficiently. This is especially helpful with our kindergarten and younger students.

Bus schedules (stops): ALL BUS STOP information will be available at all of the district school buildings and here on the website. The final bus stop information will be available on the website on August 17th, 2018.  If you have an issue with your routing information, feel free to contact the bus garage via phone or email. It will also be available inside the school offices. Bus routes continue to be identified by LETTERS rather than numbers. These lists are sorted by your address in alphabetical order, and include the approximate a.m. pick up time and location, and p.m. drop off location. Pick up and drop off times may vary slightly for the first few weeks, and as a result of construction, as routes need a couple of weeks to become routine.

Bus stop changes: If you have a permanent change in your child’s pick up or drop off location, this will require a Bus Stop Request Form. Students are scheduled for one designated pick-up and one designated drop-off location. These locations must be the same five days per week for the semester. However, your pick-up and drop-off can be at different locations. Any changes from student pick-up or drop-off locations will require a Bus Stop Request Form. We will not be able to accept daily, weekly, and/or monthly changes. This form can be obtained at your student’s school or on the districts web site and will need to be completed and returned to your student’s school. Please allow two weeks for processing. Forms may also be faxed to transportation at 330-908-1789.

Bus Stop Location Reviews: Please DO NOT USE THE “Bus Stop Request Form” if there is an issue or concern with your current bus stop location. Instead, send us a letter stating the students name, current bus stop location, the desired bus stop location and the reason why you would like the location reviewed. We will date them as they are received and review them on an individual basis. This may take several weeks to complete depending on the number of requests received. You will be notified of a decision once the review is complete. We appreciate your patience.

Emergency Situations: Emergency situations do come up, such as a parent is unable to be at home due to a traffic accident, health issue, etc., and, at the last moment, needs their child to go home to another location. In these emergency situations, the parent will need to complete the "Emergency One-Day Bus Pass Form" available on this webpage and submit it to your student’s building administrator for approval. The student must give the approved bus pass to the bus driver when boarding the bus. Students will not be permitted to ride a different bus or get off at a different stop location without a bus pass from the school.



Transportation services will continue to and from commercial daycare providers. These commercial daycare providers must be within two miles of the school.

BABY STEPS CHILDREN’S CENTER: Northfield and Lee Eaton

KINDERCARE WILL SERVICE: Ledgeview, Northfield and St.Barnabas

LEARN, LAUGH & LOVE TOO!: Northfield


STEPPING STONE WILL SERVICE: Northfield, Rushwood, LeeEaton and St.Barnabas

NPDC WILL SERVICE: Northfield, Rushwood and St.Barnabas


Reminder: if your student is scheduled to be picked up and or dropped off at daycares, they must follow the route change procedures as stated above!!

Safety Rules - Riding the Bus

Safety Rules - Riding the Bus

No student is permitted to stand while riding the bus. Since there may be up to 3 students to a seat, it is important to share space. Drivers are authorized to assign seats. Do not move from your seat unless instructed to do so by the bus driver.


Arrive at your designated pick up location at least five (5) minutes before your scheduled pick up time. • Wait in a safe location off the roadway. Your bus driver will determine this location. (Designated place of safety) • Wait in a single file line and board the bus in an orderly manner, going immediately to your seat so that the bus is not delayed and others may board. • You must remain seated and facing forward at all times with the aisle clear while the bus is in motion.


• When arriving at your school, you must remain seated until the driver has instructed you to exit the bus. • When arriving home, you must stay seated in your seat until the bus arrives at your stop and has come to a complete stop. Do not walk up the aisle to the front of the bus while the bus is still moving. • After exiting the bus, you must go to your designated place of safety (to be determined by the bus driver). Do not stop for the mail, paper, trashcans, etc. You must stay in your designated place of safety until the bus has safely pulled away.

Crossing the Roadway

When it is necessary to cross the street to get on the bus, you must cross at least 10 feet away from the front of the bus. Always wait for the driver's hand signal to cross, as the driver is in a position to see traffic from both directions. Before entering the roadway, the student(s) should look in both directions to check for any traffic. Remember, if your driver sounds the horn that means “DANGER”. After you have boarded the bus, go immediately to your seat and remain seated. 

If you are crossing to go home, when the driver gives the hand signal, you will cross to the traffic edge of the bus (center of the road). You must stop and check traffic in both directions on your own. The driver will watch for traffic as well. If the driver sounds the horn, this means “DANGER” and you need to look around you for the danger. If you do not see any danger, look back to the driver for further instructions.

After you have safely crossed the road you must go to your designated place of safety and wait there until the bus has safely pulled away. Again, do not stop for the mail, paper, trash cans, etc.

Transportation Department

Transportation Department

Erica Forman
Kim Hrelja
Router / Dispatcher

7943 S. Bedford Road
Macedonia, OH 44056
Phone: 330-468-4710
Fax: 330-908-1789



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