Gifted Identification & Services

Gifted Identification

Gifted Testing Information
Each year, the Nordonia Hills District follows the State of Ohio guidelines for testing and identifying potentially gifted students.  Our 2nd, and 6th grade students take the district ability assessment and achievement reading and math test in the Fall during District Testing.  These scores help assist us screen students for gifted services.  During the 20-21 school year, students in 2nd and 6th grade will be assessed in the spring due to COVID-19.

In November and April, students may be referred by teachers or parents for additional assessments.  Students for whom this may be appropriate:

1.  Students who are new to our district and do not have current (given in the past 24 months) test scores from their previous school, but who do have documented superior academic performance. Refer these students for the Superior Cognitive Ability Test.

2.  Students who have previous test scores (given in the past 24 months) that were *close to State and district criteria for gifted identification and/or gifted services.
(*Ability or IQ score of 124-127) Refer these students for the Superior Cognitive Ability additional testing
(*Achievement score of 90% or above) Refer these students for Specific Academic Ability additional testing
Students scoring a 112 or higher on a cognitive ability test, will be further assessed for “creative thinking” ability using an ODE approved checklist.
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