Levy Information

The Nordonia Levy comprises a dual component, consisting of a proposed 4-mill operating levy and a 1-mill permanent improvement levy.

Its primary objectives are twofold: to secure funding for ongoing operational expenses and to facilitate general permanent improvements. According to the county fiscal officer's estimations, this levy is expected to generate approximately $7,351,000 annually. It is structured not to exceed a rate of 5.0 mills, with 4.0 mills dedicated to current operating expenses and 1.0 mill earmarked for general permanent improvements. This levy translates to an approximate cost of $175 for every $100,000 of the county fiscal officer's appraised value in taxable property. It will remain in effect continuously with the initial payment due in the calendar year 2025.

If approved on March 19, 2024, the Nordonia Operating Levy will help to ensure the financial stability of our district, preserve and enhance student opportunities, uphold current transportation standards, and address the necessary repairs and maintenance of our aging facilities.

How much will the 4-mill operating levy and a 1-mill permanent improvement levy generate?

The levy will generate approximately $7,351,000 annually. If the levy passes in March, the District will start collecting these funds in 2025.

How will these additional funds be appropriated to benefit the Nordonia Hills City Schools?

The funds raised through the levy will be allocated to address three primary objectives:

Capital Improvements for Aging School Facilities and Systems: Many of our district's buildings have not undergone significant renovations since 2001. Key infrastructure components like roofs and boilers are approaching the end of their useful lifespan. Additionally, various areas within our schools, such as parking lots, gym floors, and playgrounds, have become safety concerns for our students. Just as a house requires periodic maintenance and updates, our district's systems and facilities need attention to ensure the safety and well-being of our students.

Please find the link to the Facility Condition Assessments presentation delivered to the Board on January 22, 2024, here.

Nordonia - Board Presentation (1-22-24) (2) (1).ppsx.pdf

In the February 2024 episode of Network Nordonia, Superintendent Casey Wright discusses the recent facilities assessment process alongside Marc Retish, Sr. Business Development Manager at Ameresco Asset Sustainability Group. Click here to watch the show. 

Enhancement of Educational Programs: To better prepare our students for both college and careers, it's imperative that we maintain and enhance our educational programs. This includes expanding access to Advanced Placement and College Credit Plus opportunities to keep our students competitive. There is also a growing demand for programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), as well as in areas such as music, art, and world languages. Furthermore, we need to ensure that our district's technology, textbooks, and instructional materials remain current and up-to-date.

Safety and Security Improvements: We acknowledge that safety remains a paramount concern, particularly in light of recent national events and feedback from our community members. Therefore, a portion of the funds will be directed towards enhancing safety and security measures within our district to create a secure environment for our students, staff, and the entire school community.

Will any of the money be used for for staff salaries and/or benefits?

This levy is indeed an Operating Levy, covering all of the district's operating expenses, including utilities, supplies, insurance, technology, as well as salaries and benefits, which make up approximately 75% of our expenses. Given the steady expenses and limited revenue growth in Ohio schools, school districts, including Nordonia, seek voter approval for Operating Levies to manage rising costs effectively.

What's new to Nordonia is that this levy also includes a 1-mill Permanent Improvement Levy dedicated to addressing critical infrastructure needs, such as roofs, parking lots, boilers, and other essential facilities maintenance and improvements.

Why can’t the District “cut back” or just “live within its means.”

The District excels in diligently managing expenses and making every effort to control costs effectively. Our Treasurer department has even received the Auditor of State Awards for the exceptional quality of their work.

A significant portion, specifically 65%, of the District's revenue stems from local taxes, reflecting an increase from about 60% a decade ago. This shift is primarily a response to the State's gradual reduction of funding for schools and local governments. Consequently, the burden of funding operations increasingly rests on local taxpayers' shoulders. Despite these challenges, the District's revenues have remained stagnant since the last levy approval. Simultaneously, the District faces annual increases in expenses, mirroring the trend experienced by everyone else.

Is this an operating levy or a renewal?

It's a continuous operating levy, meaning that once it's approved, it will consistently generate 5 mills annually. Moreover, it's important to note that, regardless of any increases in property values within the community, the levy will always generate the fixed amount of 5 mills; it will not increase beyond that predetermined rate.

How does the School District communicate with the Nordonia Hills Community?

The District, the Administration, and the Board of Education are committed to maintaining transparency with our community. Here are some valuable resources for those interested in staying updated with the latest information:

Key Communicator Program: Nordonia Hills City School has the "Key Communicator" program. Through this initiative the district can efficiently share breaking, major, or urgent news with a select group of Key Communicators. These individuals then play a crucial role in disseminating this information to the broader community.

Network Nordonia: Nordonia Hills City Schools airs a monthly television program on Community Focus, offering valuable insights and regular updates to the community.

Social Media Presence: The District actively utilizes social media to share information and events. You can find updates on the district's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/NordoniaHillsSchools). The Administrative team are also active on Twitter. Periodically, we run Facebook and Twitter ads to increase awareness of these platforms within the community. Currently, over 2500 people follow the schools on Facebook, and nearly 9,000 followers on Twitter.

Triennial Post Card Mailing: The District has introduced a triennial postcard mailing to the entire Nordonia community. These postcards contain essential dates, upcoming events, and noteworthy accomplishments.

Website Updates: We maintain up-to-date district funding information on our website, ensuring that the community has access to accurate financial data.

Community Forums: The Board hosts Open Forum School Board meetings biannually over the past few years, offering an opportunity to gather feedback from the community. These forums are advertised and promoted across the previously mentioned platforms, making it easy for everyone to stay informed and engaged.

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