Nordonia Middle School Athletic Department has partnered with FinalForms, an on-line forms program, which will enable you and your student(s) to complete and file MOST athletic forms electronically.

It is easy to set up your student’s account.  To begin the forms process, follow the FinalForms link below.  You will need approximately 30 minutes, a parent/guardian, the student/athlete and two different email addresses (one for a parent/guardian and a separate email for each student/athlete) in order to electronically complete and “sign” the documents online.

Click on the Parent Registration guide to get started in FinalForms.  Refer to the electronic Parent Playbook for step-by-step instructions.  This link is also available on the Nordonia Middle School Athletic web page.  ALL 7th and 8th grade student athletes need to use FinalForms to set up your account.  

1. Complete questions/forms and signatures online:  https://nordonia-oh.finalforms.com

2. After completing the questions/signatures, print the last form “OHSAA PPE Physical (for  physicians)”

3. Take the five-page form to the physician/exam (the last two pages will need to be completed by the physician) and physicals are only good for one year from physical date

4. Submit the completed physical form to the Middle School Athletic Office via student drop-off, email or fax:  [email protected] or fax number 330/468-6719

5. You will receive notifications via email when forms need to be updated

Remember, once you set up your student’s account, the medical history information will be stored and accessible for every season and every year.  If your student participates in more than one sport during the year, simply add that sport to his/her account.  Once the account is in place, you will need to update medical information as needed and provide the Athletic Office with the physical annually.

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