Digital Knights

Digital Knights
More and more students each year are choosing to attend a digital school rather than the traditional “brick and mortar” school for their K-12 school coursework. Digital schools offer maximum flexibility for students because courses are available 24 hours a day. Sometimes, digital schools become the option of choice for students who have not been successful in a traditional environment for a variety of reasons.

Nordonia Hills City Schools now has a digital academy like Ohio Virtual Academy, Ohio Connection Academy, and others.

Digital Knights Options

Three options are available for current Nordonia students in the Digital Knights program.

Full-Time, Non-Traditional 5-12 Students

Any student coming to Nordonia Hills City School District from an established online school (Ohio Connections Academy, Ohio Virtual Academy, etc.) will be accepted into the Digital Knights program after successfully completing the registration process.  Current Nordonia students interested in this option will need to be referred to the program by their guidance counselor.  Nordonia Digital Knights uses curriculum from Edmentum/Plato for all full-time students. More information on specific curriculum can be obtained from their website http://www.edmentum.com/course-catalog.  All Nordonia Digital Knights students are subject to the following rules and privileges.
  • Students will receive a Nordonia Diploma after completing graduation requirements
  • High School students must meet the Ohio Graduation Requirements.  
  • Students in grades 5-8 must take Ohio AIR Tests
  • Students will have access to counselors and school psychologists
    Students may participate co-curricular and extra-curricular activities (HS and MS) and PTA sponsored events (all buildings)
  • Students will work off site
  • Students will receive a computer and, if needed, a NHS teacher will be available to monitor and support students during school hours
  • Families are responsible to has Internet access in their home
  • Nordonia Hills City Schools will pay all course fees associated with this option
Elective Courses

While Nordonia High School has a wide offering of courses, we recognize that a student may want to take a course that is not offered, or be bound by a scheduling conflict.  The Digital Knights program works with several different vendors to offer a seemingly endless number of courses in all disciplines.  Students are responsible for all fees associated with these courses.

Note:  Elective courses price will vary by vendor, please contact Mr. Witschey for current pricing.

Credit Recovery

In the event that a Nordonia High School student has failed a course, the Digital Knights can provide an opportunity for those credits to be recovered though an online curriculum.  Students are responsible for all fees associated with these courses. 

Note:  Credit Recovery courses prices will vary by vendor, please contact Mr. Witschey for current pricing.

For additional information click on the brochure link below or contact Jason Witschey, the Digital Knights Learning Coach.
[email protected]


Prospective Digital Knights students should complete this self assessment form to see if online learning is a good fit.
This was written with the high school parent in mind, but is applicable for all grade levels.

Full-Time Online Students

New students to the district will need to contact the District Office to enroll.

Current Nordonia Students interested in becoming a full-time Digital Knight will need to fill out the application below and schedule an appointment with your guidance counselor.

Full-Time Digital Knights Application

Credit Recovery and Electives

This portion of the Digital Knights Program is available only for current Nordonia High School students.  High School students interested in taking a class for credit recovery or an elective course not offered at NHS, fill out the application below and schedule an appointment with your guidance counselor. 

Credit Recovery and Elective Application
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