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School Psychologists

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The October 2007 issue of Educational Leadership focused on the topic of Intervention, describing it as “a normal part of life in a lifetime of learning” (p. 7). This issue is particularly interesting as it looked at interventions that are based on both experience and research for the different crucial crossroads in students’ lives: early childhood, 4th grade, the transition to middle school, and 9th grade.   The article, “No More ‘Waiting to Fail’” by Rachel Brown-Chidsey explained the impetus behind the Response to Intervention (RTI) model and how this alternative approach came to fruition. It explained the systematic method for instruction and assessment for the three tiers of RTI and stressed the importance of a team approach to include parents, general education and special education teachers, administration, related service staff, and sometimes students.

Interested readers may find the issue within the district (Curriculum Office, Pupil Services Office, and many of the Principals subscribe) to read more about Interventions.

Posted by Lynn Ciccantelli, School Psychologist 
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