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A Message from Dr. Joe Clark, Superintendent

I heard a rumor that Spring might actually be coming to Northeast Ohio one day. I'm not sure I believe it considering that I am writing this on a morning when the temperature was -5 degrees!
I'm not a huge fan of spring myself. Too much mud, too much wind, and even if the sun is out it is often too sloppy to get any good yard work done.
But I also understand the symbolism of spring: rebirth and renewal. It's when ugly, gray days are replaced with sunshine and color.
Each of us have the opportunity to create a spring for ourselves. If there is something we are not happy with about ourselves, spring reminds us that we can change, that we can grow.
In the school business, we constantly encourage students to change and grow. But the truth is, adults can learn a lot from kids. Often the changes we need most are within ourselves. Indeed, that is the only thing we really can change.
So as the flowers bloom and the trees bud, here's hoping you have a great spring. Take some time to reflect, and if there is a change you want to make, make it happen!

Dr. Joe Clark


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What Does a Superintendent Do?

It's been said of a school district's organizational structure that if the school board decides it wants to make a pie, the superintendent decides what type of pie to make, and the staff does the actual baking.  Ultimately, a superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day operations of all of the personnel and facilities in a school district.  

The duties of a superintendent can be categorized under five different areas: 

1. Vision, Continuous Improvement, and Focus of District Work
2. Communication and Collaboration
3. Policies and Governance
4. Instruction
5. Resources

The Department of Education and the State Board of Education have adopted specific roles and responsibilities for superintendents in Ohio. You can find those standards by clicking HERE.
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