Welcome to the main page for the Treasurer's Office of the Nordonia Hills City School District.  The Treasurer's Office is the source of most financial processing of the District.  Each dollar received and spent by the District must be processed in a manner that conforms to Federal and State laws and contractual standards, as well as our District's own internal set of controls.  In addition to the day-to-day financial processing of the District, the Treasurer is responsible for the budgeting and forecasting activites of the District. 

The Treasurer's Office of Nordonia Hills City Schools includes the following individuals.

                                           Karen Obratil,Treasurer
                                           Laura Gaugler, Assist. Treasurer
                                           Melissa Chase, Executive Assist./Benefits Coordinator 
                                           Misti Svozil, Payroll Coordinator
                                           Amy Strauss, High School Bookkeeper
                                           Bernadette Bedingfield, EMIS Coordinator
                                           Andrea Rupp, Middle School Bookkeeper
                                           Barb McCollum, Accounts Payable


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